- Redesign is an online casino mainly for the french market. My task was to re-design their current website while improving the user experience of the original site, enhance branding impact, add new features which affect the users (Gamification, user journey etc), and attract new online customers.

The Problem

The old website design was lacking various important factors. It was lacking important information and important user journey flows for both new and existing users.

  1. It was also lacking information for new users. One example: What has to offer compared to other casinos? Why
  2. No bonus journey on site for new and existing users
  3. No gamification (example: levelling up while the user played slots)
  4. Design in general was very old

The Goal

  1. Upgrade and improve the existing website design
  2. Add a bonus journey upon registration
  3. Add a bonus journey to existing players
  4. Improve registration process (reduce fields, add steps indicator etc)
  5.  Add latest promotions notifications
  6. Add a personalised user experience by adding gamification to the site (one example: levelling up) 

If you wish to see the user journey, you can do so by clicking this link:

End Result

The new design visuals were happily accepted and currently they are being coded. I am confident that the new design will provide more new users, user engagement, better user experience when it comes to bonuses, gamification etc.

My Role

Competitor Research, Wireframes, Creative direction, UX UI Design

Tools Used

Sketch, Invision, Flinto

Project Url

Current website:

The Homepage


Visual Designs (Desktop)

For the full mobile and desktop designs and user journey please visit: