New Landing Pages - Tipico Casino

Tipico is a german company focusing on betting mostly.  Apart from betting a new casino was launched and I was the design lead taking care of all Tipico Design Tasks.

Design Goal

This was one of the many challenges I had at Tipico when I joined the casino team. The landing pages used needed an upgrate in terms of design and structure. The designs were old and not even responsive. I cam up with a new simple design for the landing pages giving importance to UX and UI Design.

End Result

The new design increased conversions by 12% and also attracted hundreds of new depositing customers on mobile due the fact that the new landing pages were mobile friendly.

My Role

Banner Design, UX UI Design, Front-end Development

Tools Used

Photoshop, Sketch, Invision, Flinto, Visual studio code

Project Url

The landing pages

I went through the original email design, listed all UX problems it had to make sure that the redesign fixed every one of them. Below is a comparison between the original email design, what I improved and the redesigned one,