Online Casinosspelen - Design & Code is a brand new online casino affiliate website catering for the Dutch market. My role in this project was to design a new brand and coding the whole site as well.  

Design Goal

Design a new brand which included the brand book, logo, and whole website which consisted of eight different templates.

Coding Goal

Converting the designs into a new wordpress theme using Html, sass and php.

End Result

The whole design was done in only four days. Coding the whole website including both desktop and mobile took me less than a week.

My Role

Brand Design, UX UI Design, Research, Competitor Research, Front-end Development

Tools Used

Sketch, Invision, Flinto, Visual Studio Code


I have decided to go with cool bright colours for this brand. Below please find the final chosen logo after some variations. Apart from the nice colours, I added a slot lever to it to add a more casino feeling.

online casino spelen logo

The Homepage

I went through the original email design, listed all UX problems it had to make sure that the redesign fixed every one of them. Below is a comparison between the original email design, what I improved and the redesigned one, 



  • Seo text added on top of the banner

  • Some stats of the website



  • Top three casinos list





  • A section providing links based on popular user search keywords


  • Full Casino top list














  • Latest user guides and tips section






  • Faq’s section





  • Latest blog articles section










  • SEO Content

Visual Designs (Mobile)

Visual Designs (Desktop)